Thursday 8 July 2010

Edinburgh Man #20

Sorry blogger fans, these are now hosted over at posterous. Please don't take this personally!

Thursday 1 July 2010

Edinburgh Man #19

This is supposed to be July? It looks horrible outside... and I got soaked on the bike today. Oh well, let's have a bit more of an eclectic mix of music tonight on the podcast. Coincidentally all the tracks are be female artists - but that suggest there was an element of planning rather than it being largely by chance. But the music is maybe a little bit different normal. That said - it's all brilliant. You have my promise on that!

1. Sleater-Kinney - Burn Don't Freeze
2. The Throwing Muses' - Lazy Eye
3. Au Revoir Simone - Through the Backyards
4. Go Away Birds - Quixotic
5. Wisdom Tooth and Tinyfolk - Low Tide
6. Entertainment For The Braindead - Relapse

Thursday 24 June 2010

Edinburgh Man #18

Apologies. I'm shattered this week. So if I sound a bit more tired than usual this is why. I'm afraid this means a bit less chat than normal too. However - just as much music as ever. There's a track from the Dum Dum Girls album that was released back in March, another great track from the Slow Animal self-titled EP, and we end with a great live track from the Mountain Goats - courtesy of the Live Music Archive.

1. Dum Dum Girls - Bhang Bhang, I'm a Burnout
2. Allo Darlin' - The Polaroid Song
3. Slow Animal - Sanity
4. Eternal Summers - Dye
5. The Falling Floors - Honeybee
6. The Mountain Goats - Song For Dennis Brown

Allo Darlin'Allo Darlin'
"The Polaroid Song" (mp3)
from "Allo Darlin'"
(Fortuna POP)

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Thursday 17 June 2010

Edinburgh Man #17

A new podcast! I was running a bit late so ended up recording it in my smelly cycling clothes. Sorry for that. Thankfully smells don't transfer along with podcasts. On the plus side, there's a diverse selection of music today. A great old track from London's Part Chimp kicks the show off. There's also some lo-fi music from Maxwell Panther, and the great new single by Tender Trap off their upcoming album.

1. Part Chimp - "New Cross"
2. Tender Trap - "Do You Want A Boyfriend?"
3. Maxwell Panther - "Don't Tell Linda"
4. Maps & Atlases - "Solid Ground"
5. Death and Vanilla - "Godspeed"
6. Danish Daycare - "A Purpose To My Sins"

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Do You Want A Boyfriend?Tender Trap
"Do You Want A Boyfriend?" (mp3)
from "Do You Want A Boyfriend?"
(Slumberland Records)

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